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Jukebox Slushy / package for $400.00

or Slushie from $200.00

Hire a Slushy Daiquiri machine and we'll include 2 Flavours Below.

We Do Not Include The Alcohol

Cola, Blue, Strawberry,Watermelon,

Pineapple, Lime, Orange, Raspberry, MangoTropical,Blueberry, Wildberry, Pinelime, Lemon and Neutral

Cocktail Range includes,

Pina Colada, Illusion, Blue Lagoon,Sex On The Beach

Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Fruit Tingle

Strawberry Daiquiri
BACARDI RUM (1x700ml bottles)
Delicious white rum based cocktail with loads of  strawberry taste and a hint of orange citrus, just like the traditional strawberry daiquiri, keeps this the favorite amongst all age's.

VODKA (350ml) & COINTREAU (350ml)
Well known from �Sex in the City�, cranberry juice, lime and a splash of citrus orange essence, this is a cocktail with a touch of class.


Mango Daiquiri
BACARDI RUM (1x700ml bottles)
Sensational summer taste, with loads of   mango�s and orange citrus taste, this cocktail creates a strong mango thrilling taste. Very popular with all.

Pina Colada
Old favorite and made up from  pineapple juice base, and with coconut milk, coconut cream and full cream milk from the alcohol is perfect for a long hot night.

Fruit Tingle
VODKA (1 x 700ml bottles)
Apple juice, blackcurrant juice, a dash of orange juice, touch of lemonade and grenadine, Gives a funky purple color and fruity tingle taste.

Midori Illusion
MELON LIQUEUR (350ml ) & VODKA (350ml)
Made up with real pineapple and melon flavor  keeps this cocktail up there with the favorites. a delicious melon and vanilla taste�s ooo nice

Blue Lagoon
VODKA (350ml) & BLUE CURACAO (350ml)
Blue Lemonade and Vodka flavor all the way, a must have at any summer party.

Sex on the Beach
VODKA (500ml) & PEACH SCHNAPPES (200ml)
I want to have � you know how it go�s. Blended with a mix crisp fresh cranberry juice, orange juice, peach juice  and a splash of pineapple juice. It will be sure to keep you satisfied.

Traditional Margarita
TEQUILA (1x700ml bottle)
Strong but pleasing lemon and lime-flavored cocktail with a deep tequila flavor A sour citrus with a kick!!!

Cruisers All Round
VODKA (1x700ml bottle)
Want about a Cruiser Party, if you don�t like the fruit cocktails and want just a plain mix, then
"Cruisers All Round" is for you. With a great choice in flavors, Just Pick One,
Orange, Lemon, Tropical, Pine lime, Lime, Raspberry, Pineapple, Blue lemonade

BACARDI RUM (1x700ml bottles)
How about a Breezer party, No real fruits added in this mix, more of the bacardi breezer type.
Your choice of flavors are Raspberry, Tropical, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple or Pine lime

Bourbon and Coke
BOURBAN OF CHOICE (1x700ml bottles)
Are there a few pure breed bourbon drinkers? Then this will keep them happy

Scotch and Coke
SCOTCH OF CHOICE (1x700ml bottles)
Pretty self-explanatory really.

Tropical Island
VODKA or BACARDI (1x700ml bottles)
Imagine all the tropical fruit tastes, pineapple, passion fruit, melon, strawberries, peach, pear and more all mixed together together and add your own choice of alcoholic spirits. Your own Tropical Island. 

Tequila Sunrise
TEQUILA (1x 700ml bottles)
You guessed it ... Tequila, orange juice and Raspberry, a popular mix everyone will enjoy.

Classic Screwdriver
VODKA (1x700ml bottle)
Vodka and Orange Juice syrup, ... Can�t get anymore simple than that

Blue Night Out
VODKA (1x 700ml bottles)
Dazzling bright mix of blue lemonade syrup and a splashing   citrus to give you a
splendid blend
Brass Monkey
BACARDI RUM (350ml) VODKA (350ml)
Rum, Vodka and orange juice, just like a screwdriver just with a slight rum flavor twist.

Red Rave
VODKA (1x700ml bottle)
Vodka & Raspberry nice and simple.

Just add tequila for that bittersweet taste



With tequila for a sweeter tasting margarita



Just add bacardi to keep the guests drinking all night long



Just add vodka the ladies love this one. a classic drink one of our most popular



A great drink just add Bacardi to get the party started and going and going and going all night long



Sensation with vodka for a lovely refreshing sensation



Blue lemonade with vodka for get the party pumping

Actually you can mix and match with whatever alcohol tickles your fancy to make your own special blend

If you have any special requests for your cocktail mix just ask and we will be glad to help